7 Efficient Coworking Marketing Tips to Drive More Customers

7 Efficient Coworking Marketing Tips to Drive More Customers

There are many coworking spaces in the world that have existed for decades but still maintain an attraction for customers, especially startups, freelancers, or telecommuters. The main reason is that they always have appropriate marketing strategies and innovate from time to time.

Many think that marketing coworking space will be time-consuming and expensive. In this blog, we will reveal to you how to market coworking space without spending much time and money. This blog is all about owners—we will give you powerful marketing and advertising strategies. Following are the tips you need to embrace to grow your coworking space.

1. Enhance Virtual Presence

In modern world, there is no business that does not have a presence on online platforms. In an age where everything can be online, how can we miss this great opportunity to promote and market our coworking space. By increasing your presence on social networking platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter… your image will come closer to customers. Show your clients how you offer an ideal and engaging workspace. Regularly post good quality posts, photos, or videos related to your space. Don’t focus on advertising in the first place. Create content in a fun and engaging way. You can share about a day in your coworking space, the facilities and services of the space, or what is special about the space, etc.

2. Make Influencer Part of It

Influencer is an influential person, capable of influencing the decision and buying behavior of some specific target customer groups. These people often have a certain degree of popularity, or knowledge and status, with their target audience.

In an era of digital and social media explosions. More customers trust in the words of influencers or celebrities. If you involve certain celebrities or influencers to participate in promoting your space, it will be a win-win partnership.

coworking space and Linkedin marketing
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3. Make Your Space to Stand Out

One of the big challenges in competing among coworking spaces today is to build a brand and make it engraved in customers’ minds. Building a solid brand takes time, but it is vital to affirm your position in the hearts of customers, help customers recognize you among hundreds of competitors in the market.

The work of branding often goes through steps such as: identifying target customers, establishing the brand’s mission, creating a logo and slogan for the brand, building a message that you want to convey to customers…

4. Offer Deals and Plans

Any customer would love to receive promotions. These don’t have to be huge incentives, but they might strongly impact on customer’s decision. For example: Get 1 month free when you sign up for a 1 year plan…

Flexibility in membership plans will help you attract more freelancers. Understandably, not everyone works the same, and a space that offers a wide selection of packages will allow a wide variety of customers to choose from. People who only come to your space a few times per week, will be different from members who come every day.

One of the great ways to keep customers in your space for a long time is to build attractive membership programs. Show your loyal customers that they have more to offer than newcomers. This will motivate them to stick with your coworking space.

5. Celebrate Events Together

Interesting events not only connect your existing members, but also attract potential customers. Especially freelancers will have the opportunity to meet and interact with people working in the same field. As a result, career opportunities can come to them. Depending on the different times, you can organize the right events to attract the most participation.

However, consider the events of this time. Health and safety remains everyone’s top priority. Instead of hosting meetups, you can create sharing sessions online.

6. Addition Workshops and Seminars

First, you have to understand that most of the registrants and attendees are not ready to buy the service at this point. Instead, they are on a journey to find more information and better understand your space. So this is also a great opportunity to promote your brand to potential customers.

Through webinars like these, you can also gather information about potential customers. This is a valuable source of data for you to market your coworking space through Email.

Linkedin marketing
Online webinar hosted by Enouvo Space

7. Join Communities for Coworkers

There is no better way of marketing than placing your presence in places where potential customers frequent. Smartos Booking App mobile application is a suggestion not to be missed, helping you to get closer to your potential customers.

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