8 Reasons Why Your Company Needs Customer Service App

8 Reasons Why Your Company Needs Customer Service App

According to a recent study, smartphones are currently used to access the Internet 3 times more than laptops / computers. The mobile app market is growing rapidly in the 4.0 era. Mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) are now becoming an indispensable part of life when accounting for nearly a third of the time using electronic devices. At the same time, 62% of companies participating in a survey said that they are in the process of designing their own customer service app.

The purpose of businesses when investing in a customer care app is to improve brand value, promote revenue growth and support the sales process. For a long time, owning a mobile application to take care of the user experience is no longer an option, but it has gradually become an urgent requirement in the current 4.0 technology era. If you are still hesitating about whether to create a mobile application for your company, please refer to the post below to be able to make the most accurate and objective decision!

What is Customer Service App?

In today’s online business competition, designing a mobile-friendly website is not enough. There are many compelling reasons for businesses to think about investing in a customer service app, including the following 8 important reasons:

1. Drive more customers

In the current context, when most businesses have websites for sales or customer care, mobile apps offer unique and useful features that make it more attractive than web browsers. in the eyes of customers. Moreover, with today’s consumers almost inseparable from the phone, building a mobile application is a wise move to help connect and access a larger and more cohesive market than before.

Mobile apps are a great tool to help build customer trust and loyalty with your brand. They are like sweet reminders that make customers not forget the business. User-friendly mobile application design will help customers find, shop and interact conveniently and easily with the product business brand.

2. Persionalize customer experience

According to surveys, more than a third of consumers want personalized experiences with the brands they love. And at the same time, one of the biggest advantages of mobile applications is the ability to manage data, which gives businesses the opportunity to personalize customer information, based on data collected from users to attract customers.

Besides, push notifications are a useful feature that can be used to engage your potential customers directly. With push notifications, businesses will have many conditions to interact directly with consumers. These notifications are often used to easily remind customers of the company’s products and services at the appropriate time.

3. Enhance customer care service

Mobile apps act as a simpler and more efficient mean for customers to communicate and engage with your business. Messaging (or asking for help) built into an app can really make a difference in the way you communicate with customers. This intuitive and user-friendly customer service channel can dramatically enhance the customer experience.

4. Bring value to customers

The more people are interested and satisfied with your business’s products and services, the higher the consumer demand will be. From their ability to simplify online shopping to providing easy-to-access information, mobile apps will help dramatically improve customer experience and satisfaction.

As customer satisfaction increases, so does sales. At the same time, the mobile app also helps to provide bonus functions and adds value to your customers. For example, digitizing loyalty programs is a convenient and easy strategy to encourage customers to continue using your products.

5. Raise people’s awareness about your brand

Customer care mobile applications are an extremely effective means of brand promotion. Mobile applications allow businesses to communicate non-stop with their customers. When you adopt this technology strategy, your brand’s visibility will grow exponentially.

App customer care provides an environment where businesses can interact regularly with their target customers, while also helping to increase reliability and loyalty. The more often consumers reach your brand, the higher their purchase intention will be proportionally

6. Improve customer experience

One of the important reasons customers consider investing in a customer service app for their business is customer loyalty. Increasing access to your products and services is a very effective way to increase customer loyalty and improve your offering.

With fierce competition in the market today, businesses easily lose customers to competitors without a proper investment. Creating attention and attracting customers is extremely difficult in the present time. Mobile apps help create an environment that allows businesses to increase engagement and create real connections with their customers.

7. Increase revenue

Customer care apps provide an easier way for businesses to make money, thereby increasing revenue. Providing convenient and easy experiences for businesses helps businesses increase the ability to sell products or place affiliate ads on their apps, thereby generating effective revenue streams.

8. Create competitive benefits

App customer care helps businesses become different, and stand out in the eyes of customers when owning an intuitive and close communication platform. Besides, your competitors are most likely also thinking about building mobile apps to take care of their customers. Therefore, owning a mobile application helps you maintain a competitive advantage over your competitors and at the same time does not make you lag behind in the end of the 4.0 era like today.

Whitelable Solution

Designed on the basis of Smartos’s Whitelable platform, the customer care app maximizes the needs of connecting, communicating and solving the needs of customers in rental spaces: coworking offices, coworking space, shared office… Compact mobile application but integrated with many smart features brings practical benefits:

  • Bring your own brand of space: If using available software, your customers use the application to find out information about your business, but identifying elements such as logo, color, brand name, etc. brand… is another company’s? Therefore, synchronizing all of the above factors will help customers trust and remember your brand more.
  • Online rental order management – ​​Instead of manually recording data of rental orders, this application will manage data on the system, saving time, minimizing errors of customers. fellow staff.
  • Connecting the community with work space, living space – Your customers will have the opportunity to exchange and meet each other. A community of colleagues, freelancers,… will attract more customers to your space.
  • Integrating customer care features: This is an important factor that manual data management methods cannot do. Based on the information managed by the application, customer service will be improved.

8 Reasons Why Your Company Needs Customer Service App
Enouvo Space has successfully applied a customer care app designed on the Whitelabel platform powered by Smartos


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