Before moving into a Virtual Office Space

Before moving into a Virtual Office Space

Before moving into a virtual office space, you have to prepare many things. With the benefits that a virtual office space provides, this service is a worthy workplace solution for many companies. A virtual office significantly reduces overheads and technology costs – making for a more cost-efficient solution to modern working.

Especially, the COVID-19 pandemic has meant that moving to a virtual office has become a need rather than a want for many businesses. During this time, the results of one survey show that employees feel more productive at home.

However, moving into a new virtual office is not just about walking away from your traditional office. For a successful transition to a virtual office, there are important steps you need to consider immediately.

1. Review and update your contact information

After choosing a perfect virtual office, you need to review all your accounts and update them with your newly-acquired business address. Here are some examples of your accounts that need an update:

  • Credit card and bank accounts
  • Insurances
  • Social media accounts and website
  • Letterhead and email signatures

Besides that, your clients, customers, and vendors should also be informed of the change.

2. Get rid of redundant furniture and equipment

One of the best things about moving into a virtual office is that it will be fully furnished. For example, at Enouvo Space, the customers will have chairs, desks, fax machines, copiers, scanners, the kitchen, the reception area, conferencing equipment, and more.

Services of Virtual office at Enouvo Space
Services of Virtual office at Enouvo Space

So, if you decide to move to a virtual office, you can sell or donate unneeded equipment and furniture.

3. Do a backup of important data

Another thing to check off your list when relocating to a virtual office is to ensure that you backup all your important data. Data backup makes sure that all your business information is secured and protected.

Besides that, your virtual office does not have a server room. As a manager, you should make sure your application infrastructure is hosted in a public or private cloud.

4. Security

With employees accessing data from home internet connections, security is a critical responsibility for all your staff. Offering a VPN for access to private cloud systems may be critical, while multi-factor authentication, URL filtering, and enterprise security agents are essential to maintaining secure remote computing.

Not every change is easy or perfect, but the more you plan ahead, the more assured the transition will be.

The trend towards using virtual offices and working remotely is certainly growing at a rapid rate, as technology provides productive, efficient, and low-cost ways of working. Just like in the traditional environment, there are many ways to operate and manage the virtual environment. If you’re considering a virtual office service, Enouvo Space is a reputable option that you can consider.

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