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Meeting Room Management Software And Its Surprising Benefits

Is the application of meeting room management software effective and beneficial for businesses? Can these technology applications really solve the problem of meeting room management, especially for meeting space rental businesses? Nowadays, it is not difficult to see businesses having problems in managing facilities in meeting rooms. Especially at businesses...

7 Important Notes For Mini Apartment Management

7 Important Notes For Mini Apartment Management

With a moderately designed living area, the mini-apartment is sold at a reasonable price but...


Linked In – Effective Marketing Channel for Leasing Spaces

Successful businesses in the world are gradually switching to the method of advertising their businesses...

Virtual Office

Virtual Office – What You Need to Know Before Investing In

"Virtual office” – is still a strange name at Vietnamese market but why in just...

CRM manage space effectively

How to choose the best management software for your coworking space?

In fact, there isn’t one-for-all software/solutions. Each one has its advantages and disadvantages. The best...


Find your best space management software in 5 steps

Finding a software to manage your workspace is not an easy task. In fact, there...

attract freelancers to your space

How to attract freelancers to your space?

The workspace model is increasingly popular in the world. In particular, the effects of the...