Challenge and opportunity for co-working spaces during Covid-19

Challenge and opportunity for co-working spaces during Covid-19

Managing co-working spaces during the epidemic period is a common concern of many space managers, especially these days when the Covid-19 epidemic outbreak has “stumbled” the office for rent market. Affected by the epidemic, space providers have not yet found the perfect management solution to help the company develop and satisfy customers. However, the Covid period also brings great opportunities for coworking to break through if they know how to take these chances. So what do co-working spaces need to do to overcome challenges and seize development opportunities during the Covid 19 season?

Co-working spaces is expected to take the throne after the pandemic

The Internet Data Center has just released research which stated that up to 80% of companies in Vietnam planned to use co-working spaces in the next 13 years, more than the average in the East region, South Asia after Covid 19 season.

In addition, 86% of respondents in Vietnam said they appreciate the benefits of coworking spaces in optimizing business operations. Contrary to the low-cost office segment, co-working space is an office model that converges both utilities and community, this office segment is also increasingly attracting start-ups, freelancers and SMEs.

coworking space in COVID 19
Leasing Spaces meet dificulty during pandemic

While the office rental market has been severely affected, especially after the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic, the coworking segment has not been affected too much. In Hanoi, the research results show that the Grade A office segment has a vacancy rate of 7.5%, the Grade B office vacancy rate decreased by 2.9%, while the coworking segment decreases insignificantly.

This is mainly because co-working space rental is gradually becoming a trend. Although the epidemic situation is still complicated, it has not affected the co-working segment too much.

In addition, the current flexible working space of co-working is constantly expanding due to the increasing demand from customers and businesses due to the need to reduce the cost of renting fixed business premises. Many companies today will tend to switch their workplaces to a co-working model so that they do not have to spend too much on interior construction costs, monthly office rent and still have all the necessary facilities.

This makes the co-working office segment a promising segment to grow rapidly after the pandemic. Co-working space is becoming an option for many companies that want to reduce costs and risks compared to renting a fixed office.

Coworking Space Market after Epidemic
Coworking Market Promises To Be Prosperous After The Epidemic

Co-working Spaces need a perfect management solution by software

Although, the co-working market will have positive changes after the pandemic, to increase the attractiveness to customers, management companies need a smart, professional and comprehensive technology solution to building a modern and civilized working space, helping to increase the advantage in attracting customers. And Smartos promises to be the right choice of many companies. The Smartos space management platform is considered a preeminent management solution to help companies digitize the co-working space management model based on software technology, optimize work processes and increase work efficiency. employees, as well as improving customer satisfaction. Using Smartos software to manage co-working also helps the operation management unit:

  1. Integrate all data about customer information on a single, intuitive, scientific and easy-to-manage platform
  2. Co-working space providers can capture the entire situation of revenue and expenses with a detailed, honest and updated reporting system every second, every minute
  3. Easily retrieve any customer information with just one click
  4. Optimize operating costs, eliminate costly and unnecessary management tools
  5. Build more scientific and standard workflows
  6. Minimizing the risks of errors, mistakes or fraud during space operation

These are the reasons why Smartos space management software is considered the leading optimal management solution trusted by small and medium-sized companies as well as startups. The software also offers a seamless management plan with all the utilities to meet all the needs of both office tenants and co-working space managers.
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The best solution for space management

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