Coworking Events Idea to Build Community at Your Workspace

Coworking Events Idea to Build Community at Your Workspace

Coworking events is a way of connecting members in the community of workspace. According to SMARTOS, one of the primary benefits of workspaces is building a community of coworkers. People come for the space, but they stay for the people. Therefore, the coworking events can bring people together and get people to connect and share ideas.

One finding by Eventbrite concludes that more and more people value experiences over material things, and would rather spend money on events that promote positive change instead of buying something desirable. 69% of them also believe that attending events makes them feel more connected to other people, community and the world.

Sometimes your attempt to get and engage community members in coworking events at your space does not work as well as you’d expect. This can also be understandable because some people are too shy by nature, some are busy or maybe not interested in the things you offer.

It’s important for you to find event ideas that will suit the different types of people in your community, as well as those that suit your space. Below is a list of general work events that you can refer to.

1. Hackathon/hack day/hackfest/codefest

A hackathon or a 24-hour challenge is a trendy activity for geek communities. It is a design sprint-like event. Through this event, your programmers, graphic designers, interface designers, project managers and domain experts are gathered and they collaborate on interesting software projects.  Via personal relationships formed in an informal professional environment, this can lead to the creation of new networks, and long lasting collaboration.

For space operators, a hackathon gives them a chance to exchange knowledge amongst one another. They also hand on experience when it comes to developing a breeding ground for innovation by observing the interactions between participants.

2. Music band

In co-working spaces that are naturally full of hustle and bustle, a little background music seems like a good idea. For some spaces that aim to bring members together and inspire collaboration, music can be a great way to encourage connections.

music event at enouvo space

For many businessmen, music is a perfect anti-stress. Be it a rock band or jazz band, the main thing is that the musicians will work together to perform music. This gives your members the opportunity to cooperate and get to know each other.

3. Cooking workshop

Your members will appreciate your contribution to their healthy nutrition. Everybody likes tasty food but some people feel a special passion for it. Learning to cook together is a great way to discover new recipes and culinary concepts, eat delicious food, and share good moments.

Let invite your members to the kitchen, share news, gossips, woes, whatever. The co-working kitchen has a special atmosphere that encourages and initiates the most sincere communication.

4. Lunch and Learn

A lunch and learn event is an opportunity for co-workers from different teams to meet and share their skills and expertise. It offers a sociable, collaborative classroom. This makes members a great way to foster a culture of learning and knowledge sharing in your organization. This can encourage teamwork and cooperation.

Potluck - event at Enouvo space
The warm Golden Potluck was held at Enouvo Space

A lunch and learn session can also be a safe environment for people to develop their confidence in presenting and public speaking . It can be far less intimidating to stand up in front of your co-workers over lunch than to take centre stage for an audience of potential clients, for example.

5. Training & classes

Educational events allow members to share their knowledge and expertise with everyone. This helps to strengthen the relationship among members. Turn your space into a classroom of the future, where members can master new skills while developing collaborative thinking.

For example, at Enouvo Space, there is a class for foreigners who hope to know more about Vietnamese. It’s called Vietnamese Speaking Club. At the meetings, members will learn how to communicate simply, according to different topics in Vietnamese. They learn useful Vietnamese lessons through practical examples and funny games. These events help members have the chance to meet, share interesting things in their life and work, as well as help everyone have the opportunity to cooperate with each other in the future.

VN speaking club - an event ideas for coworking space in VN
A meeting of the Vietnamese Speaking Club at Enouvo Space

6. Guest speakers

People who love the co-working movement are usually driven and curious individuals who are always down for learning something new.
Bringing in guest speakers is a great way to appeal to this aspect of your member’s personality. Guest speakers that are commonly brought into co-working spaces for talks are other entrepreneurs, business owners, or venture capitalists.
Hosting conferences and inviting niche influencers is an effective way to keep everyone up to date without even leaving your workspace.

events ideas for space- coffee talk
A coffee talk for everyone to get acquainted with each other, and share about work at Enouvo Space

7. Demo days

In this event, startups and individuals demo and get feedback on their projects. Meetings or calls to communicate changes or developments to members. For example, introduce a new workspace technology during the demo day, let startups showcase their businesses or engineers, and tell about the newly discovered libraries and tools.

This year the global pandemic meant an in-person showcase was impossible so we went totally online, and while the initial transition was difficult because it was so sudden, we now wonder if it should be the norm.

8. Employee wellness activities

Movement, or rather, active exercise is necessary to get the blood flowing to the brain. Being active boosts energy increases alertness, sharpens concentration, and hones decision-making.

Be it yoga or a run, nothing gets the brain going like a little activity in the morning. Conducting a session once a week helps the community be active, healthy, and productive.

9. Purposeful Networking

Networking is one of the seeds that planted the growth of co-working. Ensure that each coworker gets value out of it by hosting a gathering at break time that is purposefully aimed at crafting relationships. Instead of having a roomful of people hoping to find someone that can help them grow personally or professionally, curate the audience to help ensure everyone meets someone interesting to them.

10. Purposeful Breaks

Modern office design is full of breakout areas and fun zone. Provide classic board games in communal spaces to encourage member interaction. If space allows, ping pong or Foosball tournaments always draw a crowd.

11. DIY workshops

In an age where we’re all on screens all the time, a “hands-on, screens off” break is an unusual treat. It’s a chance to get your employees or customers to slow down, to relax, and to think in new ways. And, to bond.

Canvas painting workshop
Canvas painting workshop

Doing something with your own hands can be very relaxing, especially if we are talking about skills that are new to members. It’s much easier to start a conversation when there is no pressure, and you are here just for fun, not to network or socialize.

The above are some ideas about coworking events that can be done by coworking space owners. The proper execution of coworking events forms the foundation for a meaningful working community. Another aspect of success is making sure you know which members and prospects attend events so you can communicate with them according to their interests.

Tailor your coworking space community events to fit your members’ interests and notify them about the upcoming gatherings via the branded coworking software.

Which idea do you like best? Share with us to let your friends know about it on socials!

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