SMARTOS – A complete Coworking Space Management System

SMARTOS – A complete Coworking Space Management System

Embracing technology is a significant key to success in today’s workplace. We’re designing a Coworking Space Management System to power the co-working experience. We want to help people be more productive and to shape the future of office space.


Tasks managing

The main aim is to help the co-working and office space owner manage their business effectively. Smart Office Space is abbreviated to SMARTOS provides full functions to normalize the working process. Furthermore, SMARTOS manages projects, tasks, creates proposal, contracts, send billing or invoice, and support online payment, that it automates manual tasks, maximizes efficiency, and increases member satisfaction.

Members managing

In particular, SMARTOS belongs to the member management function. It is easy for a guest to register to be an official member and get many benefit such as the priority of booking, discount promotion, membership price, and gift voucher. Besides that, it updates customer profile based on the previous information from booking histories and help the owner build a database adapt to some separate marketing and sale strategies. And receptions or reservation department can import/export of member list quickly and exactly. SMARTOS can replace another booking software or website before.

coworking space management system

The next aspect to highlight is the space management ability of SMARTOS. There are two platforms are mobile app and website, which describe room status based on guest requirements and offer more information about each room, such as dimension, facilities, occupancy, and some images about services. After customers booked rooms, the admin can access platforms to get a reservation and convenient to arrange space or room ass guest’s requirements.

Data managing

Additionally, SMARTOS allows analyzing the data on the occupancy of a particular desk and keeping track of all the physical space layouts, utilization, and other key resources. Consequently, the owner will be active in planning to purchase, arrange HR, especially in the rush season. Bases on this database and analysis, the related department in your business can create many adaptable strategies to attract more and more guests to your services.

Additionally, your members can be engaged and connected by the Mobile app version. They can make some relations to exchange ideas and build a strong community.

Coworking Space Management System

Prominent features

A few prominent features include booking calendar, export report, check-in or check-out, member, and expense management. Specifically, we don’t miss some below key features:

Booking calendar: Visually see which resources are booked at what times by checking the booking calendar.

Member management: Manage members easily and allow the records of extra information, generating monthly member reports.

Reports: Get real-time reporting about payments, space usage, bookings, etc.

Check-in, check-out member: Allow staff to easily check-in/check-out members to know easily who are currently in the co-working space.

Income management: Allow staff/admin users to manage income from bookings, other service fees, or manage expenses easier.

Invoice or billing: Automatically generate invoices for members upon requests. Also easy to keep track of invoices in the system.

As co-working has become more popular, tech companies have started building software to help coworking spaces thrive and create the best experience for their members and visitors. Don’t take your business to be backward. Thank you for the marvelous development of technologies that gave us more and more modernized and helpful platforms and software like SMARTOS.

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