How can CRM manage the workspace effectively?

How can CRM manage the workspace effectively?

Using CRM to manage the workspace now can be an easy task.

The workplace is increasingly popular, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic. This led to a boom in software that supports workplace management. However, as a space executive, you need to find out which software is right for your space, before starting to apply.

Many years ago, the working space management software was limited. The most popular was still Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word. Although the cost is low, even free, these tools had many limitations.

Nowadays, there is a lot of software that helps you manage your space and take care of your customers effectively. Smartos suggests CRM is a worthy consideration.

What is CRM, and how can CRM manage the workspace effectively?

CRM or Customer Relationship Management is a technology that manages all your business relationships and interactions with existing and prospective customers. A good CRM helps you improve business relationships, and stay connected with customers.

Applying CRM will help you measure and analyze the behavior of your members. Thereby, you can make new plans to improve your services, grow the communities, and increase the revenue.

Simplify managing your workspace

A booking form appears for you to enter the customer’s information. Systematic data into a form makes information easier to manage and avoid errors. The system continuously updates this information in real-time. At the same time, the data will be synchronized on the system automatically. This process reduces the time required for manual processing.

Phần mềm quản lý không gian giúp nhanh chóng thao tác tạo đơn và checkin

With Smartos CRM, the Booking function is located on the Dashboard to help you easily create bookings, check-in, check-out for guests in just a few mouse clicks. The requirements of customer information are streamlined so you can easily enter information and customise options. You can then create an invoice, or check-in for your customers immediately, with just one click.

Support marketing strategies

The Reports function will give you visual charts and data. This information helps you gather details of your customers’ information and behaviours. From there, you will easily come up with marketing strategies to grow your business. For example, plan to sell additional special memberships, or provide extra services for your customers.

Biểu đồ trực quan của Smartos

With CRM, you fully determine which services are popular with your customers and members. These data are crucial for you to plan on rearranging seats, or expanding space.

Connect the members of your community

With Smartos, your members can easily communicate with the staff through a dedicated customer mobile app instead of having to use a variety of platforms to connect with them.

Through this app, your members can post to the Community and chat with other members. Smartos CRM manages this content.

Besides, you can also send notifications to members by Smartos CRM. You no longer have to use many different platforms, like Facebook, or Email, etc. to manage the community and keep informed about upcoming events in your workspace. Smartos CRM integrates all of these requirements.

Increase employee efficiency

Members can send messages to the employees through the customer mobile app. This saves time and increases efficiency. It means that the members can text at any time, and there is no need to go directly to the front desk to find the staff of the working space. The staff will respond to customer messages quickly.

Khách hàng nhắn tin cho không gian làm việc bằng ứng dụng

With Smartos CRM, you can see the reports and metrics of the space immediately. All data is constantly updated in real time. This helps ensure the efficiency, quickness to make reports, and also statistics. The interface is simple, clear. And the functions are arranged appropriately, making the operation at work more convenient, and the staff working more efficiently.

In a summary

A CRM for the workplace is a center that stores and manages the necessary information of customers, as well as potential customers. This helps you recommend your business strategy and manage your marketing campaigns. Not only improving the experience of members, using CRM effectively also helps space owners improve the quality of work.

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