How Can a Coworking Space Support the Mental Health of Their Community

How Can a Coworking Space Support the Mental Health of Their Community

The office is where many people spend eight hours a day, five days a week. The latest findings suggest that this place should be designed to make employees feel happier and healthier.

Coworking spaces are currently leading the best office designs. This model is increasingly popular. Everyone can now choose a coworking space that suits them with emotional support.

So, what requirements of a co-working space should you look for? Here are 6 factors that can be helpful for mental health.

Find a sense of community

Meaningful relationships help enrich life. It also protects our physical and mental health, as well as our well-being. This makes the office a space to be considered for change.

Thankfully, many coworking spaces offer their communities as key parts of the coworking experience. Many coworking spaces encourage community interaction and support through networking and social events, and these can provide great opportunities for you to make new connections.

Let nature back in

The office is where we spend most of our time each day. If this environment provides a lack of natural light and fresh air, our health may suffer.

It’s no wonder you’ll find coworking spaces and shared office spaces with a big focus on bringing nature back into our lives. Indoor plants, spaces with natural light, and office pets are staples of coworking spaces.

Look for good office design

As more and more open offices appear, it is easy to realise that productivity and collaboration will also advance. However, more and more studies are uncovering the opposite effect: the extra noise and distractions can affect our mental wellbeing.

According to The Conversation, “Work environments should provide various options that support employees working effectively”. That means the office needs meeting rooms for groups, as well as quiet, productive spaces when you need them. The flexible options at a coworking space can be used to your advantage by exploring work stations and work styles that suit you. 

Get the space to chill

Stress at work is common – whether you’re a startup founder or a cafe waitress. And stress is not only bad for your mental health, but also affects your physical fitness. So there’s no reason to choose an office environment that can’t help you manage a hard working day.

Coworking spaces often come with quiet areas for those moments in the day when you need to de-stress. Some other spaces and activities may be beneficial, like exercise rooms or yoga sessions. Check out coworking spaces amenities to see the benefits of coworking outside of having a productive day.

Keep it organised

Many of us follow the ideology that seemingly chaotic or disorganised individuals do not perform well. In fact, there are various studies and claims that those with messier desks can often be more productive, more creative, and more inspired than others.

Although messy, and cluttered work spaces sometimes drive creativity. But for many, disorganised environments can lead to negative feelings. It means that neat, tidy and organised spaces improve attention, and could lead to a better state of mental health.

So, look out for disorganised, cluttered, and chaotic office spaces. And that goes for coworking spaces too. Thankfully, many coworking spaces have staff and processes in place to keep the shared office running like clockwork. 

Access support services

Stressful days usually lead us to have a worse mood and poorer mental health, and those are when we need to have a helping hand. At the traditional office, managers, human resources and colleagues are often the first point of call when you need support; however, they may not always be able to help you through the problem.

Coworking spaces often have wellbeing and wellness advocates on hand to help their members. The support services can include resources, coaching, seminars, community support or even just winding down with yoga. Make sure to check out what extra are on offer when finding for your new coworking space.


The above are suggestions that we can give you. Choose coworking space with the right criteria to ensure the best mental health and quality of work.

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