How to attract freelancers to your space?

How to attract freelancers to your space?

The workspace model is increasingly popular in the world. In particular, the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic made this model even more popular. It can be believed that the workspaces can completely replace traditional office models, after just a few years. However, for a new space, attracting new customers and members is not easy.

Besides, along with the development of workspaces, freelancers also gradually become more popular. According to one study, it is predicted that by 2030, freelancers will represent 80% of global human coworkers. Whether you’re new to a workspace business or cherishing the opportunity to be a space owner, you should have the right strategies for attracting freelancers. Convince them that your place is a more productive workplace; compared with working from home that is often delayed, or going to a noisy café with an unstable internet connection.

Here are 6 steps to help you attract freelancers to your space.

1. Make Google your No. 1 marketing tool

Showcase your space on Google. Don’t forget things like working hours, phone numbers and contact emails, websites. Furthermore, the detailed visuals of the space are also important when you feature them on Google. This helps you build brand awareness, and gain an online presence. The more people find it easy to learn and have the necessary information about your space, the higher the rate of them becoming your members.

The freelancers easily find information and reviews about Enouvo Space on Google
The information of Enouvo Space (Da Nang city) on Google

2. Provide a variety of membership packages

Variability in membership packages will help you attract more freelancers to your space. Understandably, not everyone works the same way, and a space that offers a wide selection of packages will allow many different customers to choose from. People who go to your space a few times a week are different from members who come every day

Providing a variety of services at the right price will help the space attract more freelancers
Providing a variety of services at the right price will help the space attract more freelancers

By providing many membership packages, you can easily track and analyze customers. Thereby, making marketing plans or incentives for members is also more appropriate..

3. Promotions for new members

Allow new customers to spend a free day at your space. This will help them have a chance to experience hands-on experience while working here. At the same time, this will attract more potential members to you.

Besides, you may want to consider creating promotional offers when making referrals. Discounts for members who introduce acquaintances to the workspace. This is also a quick and economical way to attract customers. Word of mouth has always been an effective marketing tool.

4. Join social networks

Social media has become a part of everyone’s lives. Not hard to understand, using social media to promote and showcase your space is essential. Create a social media account that the majority of your potential customers are using. For example Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Post good quality shares, photos, or videos that are relevant to your space. Don’t focus on advertising in the first place. Build content in a fun and engaging way. You can share a day at your place, the amenities and services of the space, your specials, etc.

5. Build a safe and healthy working environment

The health and safety of the members are the important factors. You need to pay attention to them more than the amenities you provide. Especially when a pandemic outbreaks today, a safe working environment is essential. Everyone, including freelancers, gets nervous about getting back to work. To encourage members to return to your space, ensure regulations on health, hygiene, distance, etc. are taken seriously. Asking members to wear a mask, wash their hands, and sanitize the work area are the simplest things.

coworking space provides masks to protect their guests.

You can refer to a few tips to keep the workplace safe here.

6. Organize events for your community

Exciting events not only connect your existing members but also engage potential customers. Especially freelancers will have the opportunity to meet and interact with people working in the same field. As a result, career opportunities can come to them. Depending on the different seasons, you can organize the right events to attract the most participation.

However, let’s consider the events at this time. Health and safety are still everyone’s top priorities. Instead of hosting a meeting, you can create online sharing sessions.

7. Use Smartos CRM to provide the best spatial experience for members

A useful CRM software will help you bring customers the best service experience. Smartos CRM will help you to automatically store customer information. This is the data platform for appropriate marketing and customer care strategies.

With Smartos CRM, you can quickly register, check-in, check-out for guests with just one click. This saves you, as well as your customers, time.

Also, members’ needs don’t simply end with booking a seat. If you provide many different space services, everyone can absolutely use those services. To do this, you need to introduce information about your space to members. Besides sending notifications about promotions, events, etc. For people via email or text message, you can measure customer interest in detail.


With freelancers, they are not required to work in a fixed place like office workers. They can freely work from home, cafes, libraries, or workspaces. So, if you want to attract these freelancers to your space, you need to have effective marketing strategies. To retain customers, you need to give them the best spatial experience.

In particular, Smartos CRM software will help you optimize your ability to provide services to customers. To request the free demo of Smartos CRM software, please contact us here.

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