How to Build a Community for your Coworking Space

How to Build a Community for your Coworking Space

There are plenty of benefits when build a coworking community for your coworking or office space. In fact, tangible factors are easy to copy. However, intangible elements such as people, service, or community are those things that can connect you with your customers stronger and hard to replace by other competitors. Then how to build a coworking community? That’s not a hard question to answer. We figured out some tips to help you build a coworking community after studying from the top coworking space in the world.

Below is a list of coworking events you should use to strategically strengthen the sense of community for your shared workspace.

1. Approach the Existing Community

Instead of building a coworking community, you can save time and effort by approaching the existing community. Do some research in your area to find whether there are any digital nomad, freelancer, or ex-pat community that contains your potential customers. Facebook is always a useful channel to reach them. Post valuable content to have the first impression then engaging them by seeding and make a contact.

2. Host Happy Hours

Entertain your members by monthly or weekly happy hours. There are two options you can choose: Provide an interesting deal or offer for your loyal customers or host a fresh networking event where they can chit chat or share with each other. Try to come up with good sharing ideas and maintain its vibe. Your community will grow slowly but certainly.

how to build a coworking community

3. Create a Member Wall

Visual effect always brings positive emotions. Family photos make a house feel like a home. Member walls do the same thing in a coworking space. It not only helps your coworking space be like a home but also a way to maintain loyal customers. Your members will feel respected when their name had written and glued there with your future path.

4. Schedule Social or Cultural Events

Your members come from different nations around the world. When coming to your country, they expect to explore the new culture and tradition, learn something new and your coworking space can be an ambassador for your country.

Also, your community will not only play together but also stay together. Therefore, hosting some social events such as movie night, game night, open mic, group breakfast will be a good idea to keep them engaged.

5. Host Professional Development Skillshares

Your coworking space contains experts in their fields and they will want to look for someone who can support them. Also, skillshares give members a way to share what they’re working on and potentially give their fellow members new tools and skills. Skillshares can cover anything from app development and photography tips to social media best practices, productivity, tax advice, IP issues, content marketing, and much more. If your members are consultants then this will be an interesting opportunity for them to get customers. While bringing value to your members, it will also be the way to value your business.

We hope these tips will help you have some insights to build a coworking community. If you want any support in managing your community, drop us a message via [email protected] for customized consults.

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