How to choose the best management software for your coworking space?

How to choose the best management software for your coworking space?

In fact, there isn’t one-for-all software/solutions. Each one has its advantages and disadvantages. The best one will depend on your business, your working process, and your targets.

Reach the right one, you will save time, money, and effort.

Understanding the pains and challenges of coworking spaces, we would like to share some tips to choose the best management software:

#1. Define your business model

Clearly identifying how your business is making money and what your essential needs and requirements are. It’s the first and most important things before deciding to buy any software. This knowledge will help you know which features of the software are crucial for your business.

– Who are your target customers? How do they work?
– How do you charge your services? Monthly? Daily? Or Multiple ways?

#2. Think of Your Members’ Needs as Well as Your Own

Focus on the needs of your members as well as your coworking business. Coworking software is a service that will affect the daily lives of your member community. Getting input from your members before you buy helps ensure that your coworking software solution will be right for everyone.

#3. Can You Integrate Other Tools With Your Coworking Management Software?

If you’re currently using apps and tools to run your coworking business, make sure they can be integrated with your new coworking software. Common coworking apps that improve workflow and help automate and scale up your business include booking calendars, Office 365, payment gateways, social media, and email services.

#4. Define your objectives

The reason to buy one management software must be based on:

  • Which problems you want to solve
  • Your desire for business in the future.

#5. Plan your time and budget

Identify how much you’re willing to spend and to what extent you can make compromises with the price and value of the product.

#6. A good coworking space management software might have the following features:

1. Bookings Management

  • Number of bookings under the real-time
  • Available bookings
  • Upcoming bookings
  • Unconfirmed bookings
  • Numbers of customers who checked in/ checked out
  • Transaction status, time, types of services of each booking.

2. Support staff with specific tasks at coworking & office space’s office

  • Daily check-in / check out
  • Check-in/ Check out management
  • Transaction and invoice management
  • Management of customers’ information, bookings history, transaction history
  • Reservation status
  • Daily reports
  • Management of customers list

3. Resource management

  • General information
  • Locations management
  • Package information, rooms, service types, extra services

4.Customers management

  • Customers information
  • Detail bookings, transaction history, invoices of customers

5. Reports by charts:

Admins will access reports by charts on profits, growth of services under the real-time.

6. Notification and reminder

  • Notify new bookings, unconfirmed bookings
  • Remind staff about upcoming payments

7. Income – Expense management

Staff and owners can easily check the activities of income and expense as well as profit under the specific time.

8. Users management (People directly use the software)

  • Create new users
  • Customize functions for each user
  • Check the activities of each user
  • A billion invoices and send an invoice to customers if required

9. Check-in/ Check out using AI face recognition
10. Online payment
11. Receive online bookings from the mobile app

Selecting the right management software for your coworking space isn’t easy. It takes a lot of time, energy, and thoughtful consideration about your needs today and in the future as your scale up your coworking business. Following these tips for choosing the right software solution for your coworking business will let you spend your time and money wisely and help your coworking business thrive.

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