Keep Your Coworking Space Safe During COVID-19

Keep Your Coworking Space Safe During COVID-19

Working closely with a lot of coworking space as you, we know your pain during this pandemic. Implementing safety procedures has become the most important thing to keep your coworking space safe during COVID-19. Therefore, we collected some great tips from coworking spaces worldwide on how to protect their members and their business from Coronavirus.

1. Temperature Checks and Contact Tracing

The temperature checks are the first line of defense. Make sure that every guest entering your space during this pandemic is totally well. They will also have to reveal their travel history and fill in health declaration forms.

Finally, remember to keep the medical information confidential.

Contactless temperature check at Co-lab working (Malaysia)

Enouvo Coworking Space check temparature for guestsEnouvo Space (Vietnam) check the temperature for guests

2. Providing Necessities

During this pandemic, most people would already be wearing their own face masks before entering a coworking space, but just in case, you will have a ready supply for those without.

coworking space provides masks to protect their guests.

Hand sanitisers are also being placed throughout the space, particularly in high-traffic areas, and many spaces also put up hygiene reminders at the entrance to remind guests of their own responsibilities.

EnouvoSpace - Coworking Space- Ensure safe for guests

3. Increasing Hygiene Practices

Keeping the workplace clean is the key. It’s important to clean and disinfect the following surfaces/areas: Desks and tabletops, chairs, computer monitors, keyboards, doorknobs, printers, faucets, toilets, and some commonly touched surfaces and handles (microwaves, refrigerator, coffee pot, etc.).

Aside from the more frequent cleaning of their spaces, some coworking spaces have also gone the extra mile such as:

  • Providing your workspace members with access to cleaning and disinfecting products (wipes, towels and disinfecting spray), so they can clean their work surfaces regularly.
  • Encouraging workers and guests to wash their hands often.
  • Installing contactless soap dispensers, disposable toilet seat liners, and biohazard waste bins throughout the space.
  • Installing an air purifier in their space

4. Bring down the allowed number of guests per time to a minimum and Rearranging Seating

  • Make sure that the distance between each seat at your coworking space is not less than one metre apart.
  • Take out the extra chairs from common spaces to make it impossible for members to crowd there.
  • Putting up markers and labels to remind your guests.

5. Closing Off Shared Amenities

If your coworking has a variety of shared amenities like napping pods, gaming lounges and even shower rooms, you will temporarily close off as WORQ and Co-labs Coworking are doing.

6. Go digital with events

Cancel or postpone any events or activities (yoga lessons, networking happy hours, lunch and learns, etc.). Make sure to follow the guidance from your local authorities, and reschedule, or cancel physical events held at your space when needed.

If you are the organiser, you can always go digital and broadcast through Zoom, Facebook Live, YouTube Live, etc.

7. Pricing Adjustments to support your member

With coworking spaces serving many startups and SMEs who had their own businesses impacted, providers have come up with membership discounts to help ease the financial burden.

On the other hand, instead of outright price reductions, you also can introduce a stimulus package that includes a deferred payment scheme on rent.

8. Promote Remote Workstyle

There are many ways to communicate a message without personal contacts or public meetings. Encourage your members to use messengers, video calls, and email correspondence instead of business meetings.

Advice members to use the room booking app instead of making reservations directly at the reception.

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