Linked In – Effective Marketing Channel for Leasing Spaces

Linked In –  Effective Marketing Channel for Leasing Spaces

Successful businesses in the world are gradually switching to the method of advertising their businesses on Linked In. When it comes to Digital Marketing, many people often think of Facebook, Instagram, and Google ads. If you’re thinking Linked In advertising is too strange, here are the reasons that will change your mind!

A. What is Linked In Advertising?

  • Similar to other major social media channels in the world such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram… Linked In is also a social network built for people to connect with each other. Linked In also has the basic features: setting up an account, posting personal information, interacting with other users.
  • However, the difference lies in the fact that, if other social networking sites are mainly aimed at entertainment, then Linked In is a large forum to connect businesses, organizations, and professional individuals. recruitment, cooperation, looking for business opportunities…
  • A study by Roi Research has produced an amazing result that you certainly did not expect, that is, up to 59% of respondents said that Linked In is their most important social network today. So this is a great opportunity for advertisers on the Linked In platform.

B. Lý do không gian của bạn nên xây dựng profile và quảng cáo trên Linked In

1. The reason your space should build a profile and advertise on Linked In

In 2016, a survey by the Content Marketing Institute showed that up to 94% of professional marketers choose Linked In to run B2B ads. This number shows us that there must be a reason why B2B advertising on Linked In becomes so believable.

In fact, many surveys have shown that B2B advertising on the Linked In platform is always more than double that of Google Adwords.

2. High-class and specialized customers

Linked In not only attracts highly-skilled workers, but also serves as a playground for many CEOs, department heads, directors… This is a valuable opportunity to continue bringing advertising content to customers. business head. Thanks to this impressive feature, Linked In advertising helps businesses promote business development to more customers in the form of potential B2B.

3. Smart filter system, targeting target customers

As a social network aimed at the business community, Linked In knows how to create smart filters so that advertisers can reach many different audience groups easily.

The “LinkedIn’s Direct Sponsored Content” tool allows businesses to measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns in real time to optimize ads in a timely manner.

4. Brand building for businesses

It can be said, Linked In is a social network for businesses, commuters and professional individuals from senior managers to employees of companies and corporations. Therefore, building a brand by often updating “profile” is a necessary requirement and brings great benefits to businesses.

When businesses build a professional brand picture, create trust and prestige in the minds of customers, it is also the time when the business’ products and services receive the trust and love. This is the foundation for businesses to sell and cooperate more conveniently.

5. Various Ad formats

If anyone who has ever used Facebook appreciates the richness and diversity in the interface, the ad formats of Linked In are equally vivid. By assisting users in creating engaging and engaging ads, advertisers can deliver quality content to drive sales.

In particular, Linked In allows you to customize to choose the placement of ads so the newsfeed. This will make your ad look more like a regular status line than crammed ads and work like other social media platforms. This helps avoid annoying customers, creating the necessary trust and sympathy of the gods with the brand that your business is building.

C. Some notes to optimize ads on Linked In

1. Create compelling, persuasive content

Successful advertising content is often short, concise, coherent and closely related to the needs of the target customer. To do this you need to have a scientific content strategy and follow the rules:

  • Accurately reflect customer sentiment.
  • Professional and highly specialized content
  • Strong “Call to Action”: Try it for free, try it now, offer today only…
  • Use bright, vibrant tones to attract attention

2. Test Ads on Linked In

There is no effective and successful advertising campaign that does not go through testing. If you don’t experiment, you won’t know which content and images are the most effective. Sometimes 2 different calls to action will lead to 2 completely different results. Therefore, don’t be afraid to make mistakes, experiment!

3. Reach target customer groups on Linked In

Linked In allows users to create groups on this social networking site. These groups are often a collection of users who share common interests, interests, and need to connect with each other. If you are a rental space administrator, you can find groups for freelancers, marketing nomads, remote working staff, expats…

4. Strategically set up competitive auctions

Please bid slightly higher than the estimated bid price of other businesses (Suggested Bid Range).

However, setting a high bid price does not always mean that your content will be well received and interested by customers. The high bid price will become meaningless, if your content is not good, attractive and hits the customer’s mind. Therefore, skillfully combine content strategy and bid strategy to succeed in advertising on Linked In.

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