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Smartos (Smarter Operating System) is an integrated digital transformation solution that helps Rental Real estate providers increase efficiency in managing, operating, and selling their services to their customers.

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The leading platform for Living spaces

Multi-location Management

We’re a comprehensive platform to efficiently oversee and streamline their operations across multiple locations

The leading platform for Living spaces

Better experience for Citizen

Smartos provides a better citizen experience through streamlined processes, improved communication, and efficient service delivery.

The leading platform for Living spaces

Own your domain and your brand

You can even use your own domain name! This website’s code is open source and fully accessible from day one, so you have access to it and can make it truly yours to reflect the values and culture of your organization.

The leading platform for Living spaces

Make more impactful decisions with powerful reporting

Manage your space with an insightful dashboard for real-time revenue tracking, invoice payment status, traffic, occupancy, bookings, membership, utilization, and more.

More powerful together

Whether you want to build trust, capture leads, up-sell, cross-sell, or take care of your customers post-purchase, you can find the perfect app for the task among our Shopify partners.


Operational PMS

Optimize management and operation processes at rental buildings.


White Label

Solutions to help rental real estate businesses build brands and take care of customers effectively.


Smartos Marketplace

The solution helps space owners to promote and connect with customers.

What customers say about us

Our success lies in the development of our client’s business. See how we help them to optimize their working process.

“When using a manual operation procedure in Excel, the work at my boarding house system meets many challenges; I have looked and contacted numerous SaaS firms to find a solution. However, SMARTOS is the only unit willing to accept and agree to fulfill all demands for customizing specific features for our boarding house system. I […]


Hien Thuong

Founder Of Van Minh Boarding House

As a Space officer working with a large number of customers, Smartos has helped me & my team a lot in managing and upgrading the process to work more efficiently and professionally. Thanks to the various yet useful features of Smartos, our workflow has been smoother and easier, so that we can improve our customer […]


Phuong Nguyen

Customer Services

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our success lies in the development of our client’s business. See howwe help them to optimize their working process.

What is a property management (PMS)?

A Property Management System (PMS) is a software platform or application used by property managers and owners to streamline and automate various tasks related to managing real estate properties. A PMS is designed to handle the operational and financial aspects of property management, providing a centralized solution for managing multiple properties or units.

Why do long-term living spaces (rental apartments, motels, boarding houses…) need a property management system?

Long-term living spaces can benefit greatly from using a property management system (PMS) due to the complexities and demands of managing multiple units and tenant relationships. PMS streamlines operations enhances efficiency, improves tenant satisfaction, and reduces administrative burdens for rental apartments. It enables property managers to focus on strategic decision-making, tenant relationships, and maintaining the overall profitability of the rental properties.

What is the difference between CRM and PMS?

While CRM and PMS share some similarities in terms of managing data and facilitating processes, their primary focus and target users differ significantly. CRM centers around managing customer relationships and sales, while PMS caters to the needs of property management professionals, emphasizing tenant management, lease administration, and property-specific operations.

What is a white-label solution?

In the context of property management, white-label solutions refer to software platforms or services that are designed and developed by a third-party provider but can be rebranded and offered by property management companies under their own brand name. These solutions cater specifically to the needs of property managers and landlords, providing them with a comprehensive set of tools and functionalities to streamline their operations.

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