Top 10 Effective Remote Working Tools You Need

Top 10 Effective Remote Working Tools You Need

At present, Coronavirus pneumonia disease is spreading quickly and unpredictably, with the goal of managing the disease and reducing the risk of infection, several agencies and businesses have provided new rules and policies to support employees to work from home. This will help staff manage their time more flexibly and still track work progress and productivity without having to visit the company. Here, let’s check out the top remote working tools through the following article, to help companies and businesses work remotely.

Advantage of working remotely:

  • According to a survey conducted by connecting solutions, 30 % of respondents said remote communication helps them improve productivity
  • 82% of teleworkers felt less depressed than in a business
  • According to a survey conducted by STANFORD companies that allow workers to work remotely, they have a staff rate of less than 50%.
  • The Harvard Business Review states that 87% of teleworkers in online video meetings feel more connected
  • 68% of young people looking for a career say they ‘d be more interested in businesses allowing them to work remotely
  • According to a global survey conducted by PGI, 68 percent of global teleworkers will leave their current jobs to switch to equal pay jobs but can work full time at home.

Top effective remote working tools:


remote working tools

TeamViewer is the tool used to connect people, places, and events around the world based on the broadest range of platforms and technologies available. Enhance safe assistance and online access. This is one of the best screen sharing software tools which can easily create sharing of remote screens. The software is free for personal uses, although it is charged for some commercial purpose. It is very user friendly and easy to install. Usually, this is achieved by creating a personal connection between two desktops, enabling you to use it in a request-response mode.


Slack is a professional teamwork application and they are completely free. This application will support group members to contact each other through the messaging system. Through the Slack tool, real-time tracking and archiving make it easy for managers to organize conversations into different channels with relevant members.

The information provided by all members will be saved on this application. This will be the most useful reference for other members. In addition, Slack also supports users to communicate within the group through voice calls. Especially, short meetings are fast and completely safe with Slack.


Trello is designed by developers with a fairly simple user interface. This professional teamwork application works on the basis of the cards to help group projects be organized into one system. Monitoring projects will no longer be difficult for a leader. By creating custom columns, the team leader will be able to assign tasks to each team member easily and conveniently.

In addition, Trello also supports users with functions that specify each individual to receive assigned tasks in a certain period of time. Changes in the system will leave traces based on real-time. This is the most interesting function of Trello, helping leaders to have an objective assessment of the performance of their team members.

remote working tools


Basecamp is a popular choice for managers, teams, freelancers, and agencies because this application has a simple function, a neat design, and many advanced features. It is a solution that helps you manage projects and communicate with customers conveniently

It offers a range of features and tools to share ideas, organize conversations in the same online space.

At the same time, however, there are some limitations: Inability to archive topics, no tasks, no professional group hierarchy, only external integration, etc.

Hub  Staff:

You can track the tasks employees are doing at a certain time. With other eye-catching features including online timesheets, employee scheduling, screen recording, employee monitoring, payroll software, GPS tracking, online invoicing and budgeting judgments, and more. will allow remote teams to work effectively with video collaboration easily. Groups only need to create one link, share the link via email or chat.

Other features:


  • No registration or download required
  • Group video chats
  • Simple screen sharing
  • Join from any device


Dropbox is a modern workspace that provides various features for remote employee management. Remote employees can easily synchronize, share, and collaborate on document files. Besides, this cloud storage system has a very useful API for remote collaborators. It allows for sharing large files – PowerPoint, photoshop, sketch with anyone.

remote working tools


This is the software preferred by many companies and businesses because they can help them save costs for allowing them to work remotely but still can exchange jobs with team members, customer care, Instant updates, financial tracking.

SlimCRM creates notifications when managing assignments to team members, automatically reports the status of work results, everyone on the team can exchange comments online even though not working directly at the company or business.

At the same time, support staff requests from customers immediately, customers can view project information directly on the software.

The system updates information as soon as there is a financial change, updating revenues and expenditures, payment.

SlimCRM now has an IOS and Android app for customers to experience the most comprehensive product.

Google Drive:

Google Drive is a Google service that helps you store online in the cloud and share other files and folders for everyone. You can quickly upload important data from your computer to store on Google Drive or create folders, documents, spreadsheets … on Google Drive. Furthermore, you can access data on any device, with free storage up to 5GB when you use Google Drive.


Provides all core features including tasks and tasks, allowing you to create projects, add notes and upload files, set reminders, and productivity charts.

In conclusion:

Above are the top remote-working tools that help you work effectively at home without going to companies or businesses. Hopefully, this article will provide useful information to you. If you find it interesting, share this article to support us to bring more new and useful tips! Good luck!

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