Smartos Booking App

A mobile application for users to search and book spaces, making it easier for space owners to promote and connect with customers.

Smartos Booking App

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Benefits of partnering with Smartos

Joining our network, your space can expand the market and reach more potential customers for free


Unique marketplace for providers

Join the Smartos network, space providers will have the opportunity to expand their target market and promote their spaces to more potential customers.


Professional communication channel

Smartos Booking app will be the best & most professional communication channel for space providers to connect with their customers, saving both time and effort.


Optimized Operation Process

Integrated with our CRM, Smartos Booking helps to manage all bookings accurately and timely, eliminating risks of missing bookings from various channels.

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Grow with Smartos

Become our valued partners to expand the market just in a few simple steps.


Setup config

Receive bookings

Receive payment



Free booking

With Smartos Booking App, customers can easily search, compare and book a space near them just in a few minutes.


Save favorites

Smartos allows your customer to quickly create a shortlist of favorite spaces which helps to re-engage with them easily.


Direct contact channel

Smartos Booking lets your customers communicate with your spaces securely and conveniently 24/7


How can we help you?

If you have questions related to SMARTOS’s solutions, please contact our consulting team right away for specific answers.


Other Solutions of sMARTOS

SMARTOS is an integrated platform including 3 main products: Smartos CRM,
White Label Solutions and Smartos Booking.


Smartos CRM – Management Solution

Smartos CRM helps space providers to automate manual tasks, maximize efficiency and increase member satisfaction.


White Label Solutions – Branding Solution

No need to spend time & costs on developing an application because Smartos provide the pre-designed platform.

Smartos CRM web&app

Download Smartos Booking app

A channel to reach more potential customers for space providers.
Help your customers save maximum time in searching – booking spaces.