Which Social Media Platform is Right for Coworking Space?

Which Social Media Platform is Right for Coworking Space?

There are many social networks widely used today. So what should you do with each channel? Which platform will appeal to which audience? This article will give you a detailed answer about the right social media for coworking space:

Instagram to show the beauty of coworking

According to the latest report, most Instagram users are probably engaged with the platform. Although you can not link your site directly from each image, you can link it in the bio. Make your photography well-organized and better use only one filter. Feature events or videos posted in your stories to give potential leads a sense of what it would be like to spend a day in your coworking space.

Instagram is known as a visual platform, so you can consider these best practices for your posts:

Post daily

social media for coworking space

To get the best performance, you should post at least once a day, if possible. Instagramers are highly engaged and they probably want to see new content from you. In the beginning, remember to try posting at different times — from early morning to late at night — then track engagement to find the most appropriate time.

You better work with a professional photographer for attractive photos. Be sure to get a variety of scenes, including interiors, social spots, workspaces, members, and exterior shots. If there are cool views from your coworking space, view the city from the rooftop, for example, be sure to show it. Photos of your staff are also a great way to introduce a friendly office environment.

Evoke Emotions

Coworking is all about community. If you can capture happy feelings, more people are gonna sign up. The pictures that you post should represent what you want people to feel about the coworking space. Photos of people interacting and laughing are ideal since they capture the sense of community, fun, and laughter.

Post High-quality Photos

“A picture is worth a thousand words” and this is the reason you need to take high-quality photos of your coworking space. Instagram a photo-sharing social media and thus, you need to make sure that the photos represent positive things about your coworking space. 

Make a contest strategy

Promotional content can lead to spam. It seems easy for people to ignore it and move on to the next post. That’s why you need a content strategy that guides you what & when to post. Don’t post too much promotion content continuously, mix it up with other topics. This way, you will be adding value to your audience and also makes them more receptive to your promotional messages.

Instagram Weaknesses

Difficult to Drive Traffic to Website

Unlike Facebook, Instagram doesn’t allow you to link webpages to each post. If you include a link in your post text, users would have to copy and paste the URL into their web browser.

Alternatively, you can add one clickable link in your profile bio, but this is an additional ask for users and less likely to get clicked.

Narrow audience range

Instagram is a social platform that is mainly used by younger age, typically by millennials or Generation Z. It may not be worth it if your target audience is the older. They might not even know Instagram.

Facebook for hot leads

This is a great place to share content, create conversations, and, through Facebook’s paid advertising, generate hot leads for your coworking space. 

social media for coworking space

Facebook Live video posts are highly engaging and offer a good way for you to film workshops and events in your space. In addition, Facebook’s stories allow you to create and share up-to-the-minute content.

Here are some ways to make Facebook work for your coworking strategy:

  • Facebook works best when you define your audience. Identify your niche market in order to make your Facebook campaigns more effective and more engaging.
  • Consider integrating Facebook Messenger (chatbot) into your outreach to keep the conversation going beyond the timeline.
  • Facebook generally appeals to a somewhat older demographic, so differentiate your marketing and your messaging with a greater emphasis on personal content like testimonials and reviews.

Facebook Weaknesses

Take Time and Resources

Growing a Facebook page for your business takes time. At the beginning stages, you can’t expect people to like or follow your page right away. You have to put a lot of effort into building quality content as well as maintaining your business Facebook page. Considering hiring someone who has the experience to drive your marketing efforts forward on Facebook.

Decline in Organic Reach

Getting more likes and engagements are always a big concern when it comes to Facebook pages. The more fans or page-likes that you had, the more people you could reach organically with your Facebook posts. However, the Facebook algorithm has changed a lot in recent years. Essentially there was a shift to make the News Feed more about connecting with people and less about consuming media in isolation.

The net impact for brands was a significant decline in organic reach. Before the latest algorithm change, brands with strong content could expect an organic reach of approximately 5%. This means if your brand had 10,000 followers, on average approximately 500 people would see your page posts. After the algorithm change, this organic reach has reduced to 1-2%.

Dealing With Negative Feedback

There will be instances where you’ll have to deal with negative feedback on Facebook. People may criticize you and disagree with you. And this is public for everyone. In these situations, maintaining a degree of professionalism is crucial.

LinkedIn for Targeted Prospecting

With more than 303 million monthly active users and 90 million senior-level influencers, LinkedIn is the platform of choice for directly targeting companies, decision-makers, especially for B2B marketing.

How to optimize your LinkedIn marketing?

Make sure your profile is professional and highly informational. Many LinkedIn users check out profiles carefully when they are doing their research.

Use your current LinkedIn connections to connect with new people on a consistent basis. Reach out to 2nd tier connections to gain a foothold in the companies and organizations toward whom you want to focus your messaging.

Consider using Slideshare and whitepapers to repurpose your blog posts. The more engaging (and shareable) your content, the more views you will get on this platform.

Twitter to support

Twitter is a natural platform for funneling leads to your other social media accounts and to your online content. It sticks your posts and helps directly engaged followers to your other platforms.

social media for coworking space

With integrations from Facebook, Instagram, email marketing platforms, and more, you can ensure that your Twitter is always updated with your newest and most exciting content. In addition, pre-schedule Tweets on a consistent basis throughout the day in order to ensure that followers can always find out the latest updates about you and your space.

Use Twitter to share:

  • Upcoming events
  • Quote card graphics related to your content
  • Content updates
  • Hours of operations
  • Video content
  • Infographic versions of blog posts or video content
  • Motivational messaging, testimonial

Use social media strategies for coworking space could bring in a steady flow of leads to your website. I hope you can choose a probable platform for your coworking space.

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