The Essential Software for Business Owner Renting in Vietnam

The Essential Software for Business Owner Renting in Vietnam

Whether you’re running a start-up or an enterprise especially in renting co-working space, MICE, and office fields, handling too many things at once can take a toll on your sanity. That is the reason why you should need professional business management software to help you smoothly glide through your daily operations and cut down many costs of paperwork. To serve distinct business needs, there are dedicated business management tools present in the market. So what is the essential software for a business owner in co-working space, renting an office, and MICE?

1. Booking software

The first one must mention is booking software. It is necessary for the owner to manage the quantity of booking, a profile of a customer, consider the affection of your package, and make a reservation suitably for any guest using your service.

Usually, customers can access to check service prices, recent promotions, room status, benefits. Also, they can book with their demands such as time, room categories, payment, deposit, etc. This creates a customer profile to help the owner arrange and prepare the service exactly. It is a web or app.

In addition, the owner can collect customer information to reserve a booking. And only admin authorized must access to the database on web admin.

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2. Reservation software

For operating and getting customer orders correctly, reservation software is the best solution. You will arrange room based one guest request. For example highlight flight schedule, pick-up servicer, check-in, check-out time or take some special note such as décor room, breakfast.

This software help reception team comply guest easily. The popular software used in Vietnam is Opera, Smile.

3. Accounting, Financial and Billing software

Quite an important tool for business management, accounting, financial, and billing software is the one of potential ones. It comes to financial management. In addition, this software not only comes with a complete suite of accounting feature but also provide reliable solutions for creating quick billing, electrical invoices, and tracking expenses.

Furthermore, cost of products and budget for each team or department are divide into each group separately which easily for managers and accountants control their cost. The most convenient software used widely in Vietnam is Misa. Besides, there are a lot of ones are Smile, Fast to consider using.

4. Human resource software:

Amis, Basecrop, HRMcloud, etc are effective HR software in Vietnam.

This program can be surmised as a fully functional employee profile management tool. You get to manage your “assets” according to their performance metrics, most recent peer reviews, employee onboarding and off-boarding activities and vice versa.

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It is safe to say that salient features of this software are to manage employee profile through a centralized, constantly updated, cloud database alongside the added benefit of being able to update individual’s photos, certifications etc. Everything is consolidated, managed, and retrieved from the convenience of a few clicks.

Managers can further set permission levels, employee permissions such as; when they can take vacations off, benefits, enrollment programs etc.

5. CRM software

A CRM software that doubles as a task management tool, provides a unified platform for CRM, task management, document management, and team collaboration. The tool provides basic client management and marketing automation. It will collect the number of customers to use your services per day per month or per year. Besides, the guest special information such as birthday party, customer’s frequency in using service, rate to re-use service, feedback, the review will be recorded and analyze automatically. Based on, owner can adapt some suitable marketing strategy or push sale easily.

In conclusion, there are too many essential software for managing a business that spending more time for staff on learning to use. Moreover, all of software cost a high budget to buy and upgrade when processing.

So Enouvo IT Solution suggests a new platform transform co-working smartly. This is a Smart Office Space (SMARTOS) software. SMARTOS integrates more functions include member, resource management and connect the community. Its key feature is booking calendar, member management, reports, check-in, check-out member, income management, and invoice.

We believe that SMARTOS will help you standardize the working process, decrease business costs, and become good solution management for co-working, office owners.

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