Why should Coworking Space Stop Using Excel?

Why should Coworking Space Stop Using Excel?

Excel is a traditional software that is quite popular in coworking space. There is no cost for using this tool. However, there are many limitations and risks, especially in security and data management.

Are you using it for your coworking space? If yes, read this article and consider stop using Excel:

Excel drawbacks

Lack of security

When storing a huge amount of data in Excel, the risk of losing is quite high. If your computer is suddenly attacked by a virus, all the data could be deleted. Moreover, Excel limits the number of rows. If your file is too big, your pc can be pretty slow. This does not only take time but also has a high risk of lacking information.

Excel does not have a decentralized function which makes it harder to manage your staff.


stop using excel

Decrease productivity

Each file of Excel just allows one person to work on at a time. Your staff can not support each other easily. Thus, it limits the teamwork opportunity and wastes a lot of time.

The traditional tool is not effective anymore 

When the number of customers increases, there are more issues that the owner should resolve. Your staff can not run the business well with a note and pen, or even Excel.

The information could be stored if you are careful. However, it’s a big trouble when customer demand is changing rapidly. You will need more time to process the data as well as manually update the service. Besides, the rate of error would be high as well.

Diversity services

Most of the coworking spaces not only sell working space, but they also provide extra services such as projector, monitor for rent. Some spaces even have coffee or coliving space. Thus, the demands of members become complex. They want the process to be done right away from check-in stuff to booking space or extract invoices, etc. 

Software’s advantages to stop using Excel

Saving money

When you apply smart software, the tones of steps will be erased. Which increases productivity and reduces the human fee. This probably brings a lot of benefits for a long term strategy.

Besides, when conveying from traditional paperwork to technology, coworking space could cut down 80% of office supplies fee. For instance, printed ink, paper, amenities fee, maintenance fee, etc.

Report function

Another reason that coworking space should stop using Excel is the ability to organize data and report. When using software, you don’t have to remember all the algorithms. There are just a few clicks, everything is done. It should be mentioned revenue, cost, profit at any time you need.

More safety

When you manage with Excel, all the documents will be stored in your pc. This causes trouble that if your computer gets a virus or errors, you can lose all the data. In addition, the risk of leaking information is also high.

When it comes to smart software, your documents will be connected and stored on the Internet. It’s always safe even when your computer gets a problem or disconnected. There is no “forget clicking save” anymore, and the data will be well-organized.

Control function

The feature control and decentralized staff is a huge omission of excel. When you manage a large organization, employees need to be delegated according to their job responsibilities and all operations should be stored.

Remote management and upgrades capabilities 

  • The ability to remotely manage: using the management app you can manage remotely at any time. You just need to install the software and tracking by laptop or mobile phone. It is not possible for excel to do so.
  • Ability to upgrade: excel file is the default file that cannot be upgraded but for coworking space management software, that will always be updated when there are new useful features. You can even request updates to make the application more suitable for space.

How can we help?

stop using excel

You already understand the disadvantages of excel as well as the benefits that management software brings. So what is the best alternative?

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All features of booking management, invoicing, reporting rates, and contracts are integrated into SMARTOS.

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