The Future of Coworking and Remote work

The Future of Coworking and Remote work

Reported by Coworking Insights, more than 71% of coworkers plan to return to coworking after the pandemic.

The 2020 Future of Work Report: What the Future Holds for Coworking and Remote Work was published by Coworking Insights to provide coworking space owners with meaningful reports.

Key findings of the coworkers:

– 87.1% of respondents would recommend remote working to a friend.

– 73.9% of remote workers enjoy having a flexible schedule.

– 79.7% of respondents said they are more productive when working remotely.

– 77.2% stated that remoting working had a positive impact on their mental healthy.

– 71.5% of coworkers who used coworking before will come back to coworking space after the pandemic.

– 54.9% of remote workers who didn’t use coworking before will consider using coworking space in the future.

How about the coworking space?

Like other industries, coworking has been hard hit by the pandemic.

– 71.6% of spaces witnessed a significant drop in the number of members since the outbreak began.

– 67% had a negative impact on membership and contract renewals.

To respond to the situation during the pandemic, many coworking spaces changed their models and policies:

– Lower pricing for new members and discounts to current members.

– Membership plan for students who are transitioning to online classes.

– New virtual plans.

– Allow members to pause their membership.

– Promote meeting room to single-person rentals for online meeting.

– Changing marketing strategies focusing on selling private office membership.

What is the future of coworking spaces?

Besides the “sad” numbers of coworking spaces during the pandemic from the report, there is still some good news. “The utilization of coworking spaces will likely increase in the future”. According to the report, almost people found that remote working had positive impacts on various aspects, both personally and professionally. 52.9% of first-time remote workers said they now aspire to work remotely for the remainder of their career, and 53.6% of them said they anticipate their employers’ remote work policy to change as a result of the pandemic.

Therefore, what coworking spaces should do now is prepare a strong infrastructure and strategies to “catch” members once the pandemic passes.

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