Top 10 best coworking space websites for promotion

Top 10 best coworking space websites for promotion

In this article, we’d like to summarize some coworking space websites that do ‘Airbnb for office space’.

SEO / Digital marketing for coworking spaces is critical.

Making your coworking space visible on the internet is essential to gain more customers and growing your brand. By having a listing created on as many quality directory websites as possible, you will not online improve your own website’s visibility on Google but also more remote workers will naturally run into your listings on 3rd party websites. There are numerous platforms and websites which help coworkers find coworking spaces like yours.


Coworker is one of the trusted websites among coworkers. With more than 14,500 spaces, coworkers can easily search, find, and in some cases, reserve shared workspace rentals near you in many different countries all around the world. As an operator, you can list your rental options and outline what features and amenities your space can offer.


Copass emphasizes collaborative workspaces. It provides coworkers with a Copasser account which allows them works from any of the spaces of its network indifferently. Listing on the Copass means that you agree to become members of their community with specific rights and benefits.


LiquidSpace is more oriented towards the meeting room, which as a marketplace for resources (meeting rooms, desks, event space etc…) offering Daily & Hourly Office & Meeting Room Rental.


ShareDesk is pretty similar to LiquidSpace. It is a pretty elegant listing of flexible workspaces.

Using our platform, guests can search thousands of spaces around the world, in businesses of all sizes. Private desks and offices, conference rooms, and a variety of other workspaces can be easily booked for hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly use, both online and via our mobile app.

We are also a marketplace for businesses that want to list spare space. Using our platform, they can reduce overhead, expand networks, and access tools to easily manage space rental and guests.


With 172000+ spaces across 1395 cities in 99 countries, it makes it easier to find the right space at the right time in your location. Easy to book – and you can add listing to.

Instant offices

Instant Offices also lists accessible workspaces around the world (specifically, from Afghanistan to Zambia!). More often than not, at an industry event, you’ll find a member of their team on a panel discussing the latest coworking research and trends.


Gathers the best coworking space and office space from around the world into one place and helps people find the best workspace for them.

Coworking Space Wiki

Coworking provides a directory of coworking spaces around the world, divided into subsections to help coworkers find what they are looking for. supports coworking spaces to build a wider community. To make our offer even sweeter, setup recurring revenue share deals with each vendor, splitting our take with the shared workspace who’s members are saving money through our platform. So not only do save workspace teams money, we pump revenue back in, making shared spaces even more sustainable!

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