White Label Solutions

White Label Solutions are branding solutions including both App and Web, helping leasing space providers strengthen branding and improve the quality of customer service.

White Label Solutions

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Customized features

Smartos White Label solutions allow customizing features to suit your space demands.


Strengthen brand identity

With Smartos’s White Label, you can launch your own application full of brand identity and professionalism.


Improving customer experience

Developed based on practical experiences in operating Enouvo Space, Smartos helps to improve customer service.


Saving development time

Smartos White Label brings immediate solutions for your space without having to pay efforts in developing an application.


Saving cost

You only pay once! By choosing Smartos’s White Label, space managers will save up to 70% of costs compared to developing an application themselves. We provide proven apps.


Top-notch support from in-house IT team

With a highly specialized technical team from Enouvo IT Solutions, you will receive dedicated advice and support 24/7 when using Smartos White Label application.


Key features

Connect with customers
Book spaces & extra services
Manage booking history
Connect with communities
Create events
Report Incidents

Smartos White Label App helps space providers to directly connect with their customers right on their own app.

white lable web của nhà trọ văn minh

White label web

White Label Web is designed and developed on the web platform with
full features of the mobile application. It also can be integrated with
both Smartos CRM & website or landing page of spaces.


Worthy companion

With practical experience and professional processes, SMARTOS helps customers break down
all technological barriers.


Consultation Channels

Hotline: +84 905 969 648
Zalo: Smartos
Fanpage: m.me/Smartos.space


Information Channels

Stay up to date with the latest news and most supportive information via our website, Youtube channel, and Support page.


Communication Channels

Easy to connect with SMARTOS 24/7 via any platform, including Zalo, Email, Facebook,
phone, and website.


Available on Web/App

SMARTOS’s Customer Success is always ready to help with all Smartos’ issues and is available both on the web and app.


One time payment

We provide space providers with a branded mobile app that
helps them to increase their customer services.


Other solutions of Smartos

SMARTOS is an integrated platform including 3 main products: Smartos CRM,
White Label Solutions & Smartos Booking.


Smartos CRM – Management Solution

It helps space providers to automate manual tasks, maximize efficiency & increase member satisfaction.


Smartos Booking – Marketplace Solution

A mobile app helps rental spaces expand the market and reach more potential customers.

Smartos CRM web&app

Transform your space operation from now

The leading workspace management software that helps space providers to streamline processes and optimize management.

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