Why should you use Smartos white label app for your space?

Why should you use Smartos white label app for your space?

In addition to the CRM web-app for space management and the mobile app for co-workers, Smartos provides a white-label application for spaces. But what is the white label product? And what benefit can it do for your space?

What is a white label app?

A white label app is a production that is established by one company for resale to another under their own brand name, design, and ownership. This is a cost-effective means to bring tried and tested software solutions to an existing brand.

Developing a new application is complex, and completing it will require a highly skilled team. Therefore, many startups or SMEs often consider choosing a white label app instead of a new one for their businesses.

What is Smartos white label app?

Proving the white label app is one of the most competitive advantages of Smartos. This is a software that space uses and brands it as its own software. Similar to other applications for space, the Smartos space white label app allows spaces’ customers to search, book, and connect with spaces’ providers easily.

Besides that, the Smartos space white-label app is provided specifically for the space providers to connect directly with their customers, in order to increase the customers’ service satisfaction.


Benefits of this platform

1. Full brand identities

Smartos white label app
The Sunwah app

The Whitelabel solution allows full brand identity. In addition to customizations such as app names, brand identities, space owners can request features for the app to optimize their spaces.

To gain and retain customers, space’s brand needs to be recognizable in everything that they do in order to create a sense of consistency, professionalism, and quality. If your spaces and services do not have the same brand identity, you may have difficulty telling your business story. Lack of consistency and quality will make it confusing and conflicting when people interact with your spaces, leaving them with a sense that you are not reliable, or professional.

2. Reduced software development costs

Self-producing the software requires a large investment. For example, application analysis, design, development, and testing phases are expensive. However, this solution will help the spaces save this money.

3. Fast set-up

Developing software is not only expensive but also time-consuming. A complex application project can take many months or years. This time could be better spent promoting, attracting customers, and expanding business when the spaces use the white label app.

4. Manage space’s services and facilities

By using this software, the owners can understand how members occupy different areas of the space. Therefore, they can optimize the spaces by transforming underutilized spaces into more useful settings.

Besides that, the owners can keep a pulse on every piece of shared equipment in their workspace. If members have requests for services or equipment, space can promptly view and respond to requests immediately, as well as track resolution to ensure all requests are processed promptly.

5. Focus on the co-working space members

If the space owners post events on Facebook, announce the news by email, and perform room booking via Google Calendar, their members will most likely miss some next important event. Having a separate mobile app ensures members never miss what’s going on at the co-working space because every push notification will come separately with the spaces’ own name and icon.

How to get this white label application for space management

Let’s leave your message here if you want to know more about how to use the Smartos white label application for your space. We can schedule calls and our Smatos will help make your space stand out!

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