Why You Need a Working Space Management Software?

Why You Need a Working Space Management Software?

If you have been in the working space business for a while, you probably already know about working space management software. This software is a great investment, as it can help you do things like:

  • Planning and optimizing your co-working spaces
  • Attracting customers
  • Enhancing your co-working space brand
  • Building a collaborative community
  • Processing payments

As the need to use working spaces from customers is increasing, the managers of these models spend more time in managing space, managing equipment, managing human resources, as well as managing customers. Therefore, it is worthwhile to use a space management software.

Besides the benefits that working space management software can bring as above, here are some other functions that working space owners might consider using a management solution.

1. Working space management software can automate room bookings

One of the biggest benefits that managers have to use working space management software is to help them solve the handling reservations. More specifically, it helps to deal with booking-related issues and checking schedules to limit overbookings. This saves managers more time. As a result, they can focus on other tasks, such as advertising, or organizing events for space.

For example, the Reservation function of Smartos software with an intuitive interface can manage the booking process seamlessly. It also provides essential information about reservations such as total booking, total paid and unpaid rooms, daily check-in and check-out, etc.

In addition to the working space management software, Smartos also provides an application for customers. Members now can log in and make inquiries with space’s staff, instead of going to space’s reception to book a room. This application can also save time for customers for searching and choosing space.

As the traditional way before, when customers need to find workspace, they have to spend a lot of time, using a lot of platforms and equipment. For example, customers have to go online to search for information about each space, visit their websites to get more detailed information about each space. They also have to check the rating of other people at community sites. If customers want to have more specific images of each space, they will have to go directly to that space to observe. To book a room, they may have to use their phone to call the receptionist or go directly to space.

However, if customers use Smartos applications, they simply use their phone and have access to all the information they want to know about the workspace they are interested in. Then they can make inquiries to the staff of that space for more information, and also reservations.

2. Managing membership plans

By using workspace management software, managers can stop using spreadsheets, and other manual data entry solutions to manage membership packages. With the space management software, everything can be managed automatically. Managers can easily track the usage of meeting rooms and working spaces to allocate the right time for customer bookings.

Moreover, some workspace management software such as Smartos can provide a report about customers’ workspace usage, so the space owners can analyze the insight and trends in their space operations. From there, they can make suggestions and changes to suit the needs and wants of customers.

SMARTOS's report
Smartos provides a report about the workspace.

3. Increasing brand awareness

Besides the customer interaction points of the business such as logo, website, display ads, etc., the working space management helps businesses reinforce consistent branding strategy among all of their products and services. Besides that, by using Smartos software platform, your working space will appear at one of the biggest coworker networks in the world and be listed for free in our users app. This helps to increase the brand awareness of the customer.

According to Lucidpress, one concludes that consistent branding helps businesses increase revenue by about 33%. Moreover, brands that are consistently presented are 3 to 4 times more likely to experience brand visibility.

4. Manage IoT (Internet of things) devices to boost workspace efficiency

The Internet of things describes the network of physical objects that are embedded with sensors, software, and other technologies for the purpose of connecting and exchanging data with other devices and systems over the Internet.

In working spaces, such physical objects can be mentioned as sensors, screens, lights, smart locks, etc. Having a space management software that has the function of managing and controlling those devices will make it easier for managers and members of the workspace.

Firstly, the managers of working spaces can handily view and adjust all information about the facility such as temperature, using equipment, and the number of office occupants from one dashboard. This allows managers to keep a pulse on equipment and shared amenities in the working space.

Space’s members can likewise benefit from the conveniences that IoT devices offer. For example, a smart display can be put up on the door of meeting rooms that feature updated booking schedules. This allows members to quickly determine the availability of meeting rooms and arrange reservations if necessary.

5. Communicating with the members

In a traditional way, working spaces’ managers use email or group chat to share information with the members. However, these messages and announcements are easy to be missed.

This is the reason why the message highlighting feature of space management software becomes more prominent. This feature includes pinning messages, attaching photos, and editing or deleting messages at any time.

However, people deal with all sorts of notifications daily. It can be emails concerning work or their activity on social networks. Hence, let send short and pertinent messages sparingly. This can show how much you value people’s time.

The Smartos’s Enquiries feature is also worth mentioning. This feature helps your workspace send notifications and messages to customers privately and quickly. Conversely, the messages that customers want to ask the space managers are also easier to send.

6. Offering benefits and perks for members

By using the application of working space, members can receive perks such as discounts, or promotion codes. Unfortunately, in traditional tracking these benefits with a spreadsheet, the managers can get overlooked or lost over time. However, the use of working software can help them avoid these problems. The membership benefits and perks are also tracked effectively.

7. Providing more way to pay

Simplifying invoicing is a significant benefit that space’s members want to use workspace software. Besides that, the managers no longer have to deal with the hard tasks of retrieving invoices.

Members can log on to their mobile app, arrange their booking, and then submit payment easily. This reduces wait times and redundant conversations with regard to invoicing members.

Most space management software has many options for payment via credit or debit cards. After that, the customers will receive the email confirmation receipts automatically once they have finished booking. This grants members added convenience and also helps prevent the risks associated with manual invoices. These problems can mention the difficulty in monitoring and increased threat of discrepancies, especially in tax season.

Now you have some good reasons to start using working space management software. Smartos can be a good suggestion for you to confidently tackle the distinct needs of members while optimizing resources and reduce operating expenses.

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