#1 Digital Transformation Platform for Working Spaces

The #1 Digital Transformation Platform for Working Spaces

Streamline operation, grow revenue and keep your working spaces (leasing offices, coworking spaces, office building…) running smoothly.

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#1 Digital Transformation Platform for Working Spaces

One place to manage all Locations & Services

From front desk to back office, manage your rental working spaces with one of the most powerful property management software in the Rental Real Estate industry.

#1 Digital Transformation Platform for Working Spaces

Streamline your Reservation management

Log in to your cloud-based reservations system from anywhere in the world to see what’s happening at your property today and what needs to be done tomorrow. Use Floor Plans to give you a bird’s-eye view of your location, the available desks and offices, and where each user will be sitting.

#1 Digital Transformation Platform for Working Spaces

Own your domain and your brand

You can even use your own domain name! This website’s code is open source and fully accessible from day one, so you have access to it and can make it truly yours to reflect the values and culture of your organization.

#1 Digital Transformation Platform for Working Spaces

Make more impactful decisions with powerful reporting

Manage your space with an insightful dashboard for real-time revenue tracking, invoice payment status, traffic, occupancy, bookings, membership, utilization, and more

More powerful together

Whether you want to build trust, capture leads, up-sell, cross-sell, or take care of your customers post-purchase, you can find the perfect app for the task among our Shopify partners.


Smartos PMS

Optimize management and operation processes at rental buildings.


Smartos White Label

Solutions to help rental real estate businesses build brands and take care of customers effectively.


Smartos Marketplace

Grow your direct bookings and own your guest booking experience with an online booking engine.

What customers say about us

Our success lies in the development of our client’s business. See how we help them to optimize their working process.

“When using a manual operation procedure in Excel, the work at my boarding house system meets many challenges; I have looked and contacted numerous SaaS firms to find a solution. However, SMARTOS is the only unit willing to accept and agree to fulfill all demands for customizing specific features for our boarding house system. I […]


Hien Thuong

Founder Of Van Minh Boarding House

In earlier times, The Little Thao Dien’s operations and management processes were all manual, haphazard, and unsystematic. This led to we face in several errors and damage to property. After consulting, SMARTOS is the product that best fits the needs of our space. Their product development and customer service teams are highly professional and always […]

The little Thảo Điền

Anh Vy

Building operation staff The Little Thao Dien

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a property management (PMS)?

A Property Management System (PMS) is a software platform or application used by property managers and owners to streamline and automate various tasks related to managing real estate properties. A PMS is designed to handle the operational and financial aspects of property management, providing a centralized solution for managing multiple properties or units.

Which is the best property management for working spaces?

The best property management software solutions available today are web-based, integrated, and have an open API to allow for customization to meet the different needs of large and small rental spaces. You can check software review sites, such as SoftwareAdvice, and G2 for a list of highly-rated software providers and a breakdown of their features.

What are the advantages of an integrated property management platform?

An integrated property management platform simplifies workflows, enhances communication, improves data accuracy, and provides valuable insights. It increases operational efficiency, reduces administrative overhead, and allows property managers to focus more on strategic decision-making and delivering better experiences to tenants and property owners.

Which software do most working spaces use?

The choice of software can depend on various factors such as the size of the rental portfolio, specific needs, budget, and personal preferences. Here are some popular software solutions frequently utilized in the rental real estate industry:
– Property Management Systems (PMS)
– Accounting Software
– Online Rental Listing Platforms
– Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software
– Online Rent Payment Platforms
– Maintenance Management Software

Transform your leasing space operation now

Digital Transformation Solution for Leasing Spaces that helps investors to streamline processes and optimize management.