Criterias to evaluate coworking space management software

Criterias to evaluate coworking space management software

In order to promote business efficiency and serve customers well, coworking space providers and managers have started to apply technological software to support the management and operation. So what are the benefits of coworking space management software? What criterias to evaluate and choose the best software for your space? Find out more in below article!

What are the benefits of coworking space management software?

The traditional manual management method causes many difficulties in managing coworking spaces. Currently, many space owners still apply books and Excel to record all information. For places with a small number of rooms, this method can be used. However, where there is a large scale, this method has many limitations:

  • Not fully and accurately understanding customer information
  • Difficult to reach, contact customers
  • Errors in data management
  • Can’t control the contract tightly
  • It is easy to cause controversy and conflict
  • No bill to pay

So is there a way to manage coworking spaces more efficiently? Currently, the appearance of rental space management software will solve these limitations. These technology platforms will bring great benefits. Consists of:

  • Can be used on many devices: phone, computer, tablet. Therefore, it is possible to operate the space anytime, anywhere.
  • Create professionalism in management
  • Accurate, long-term data storage
  • Store all customer information
  • Reduce the cost of hiring staff
  • Save time and effort
  • Store invoices and contracts to ensure there are no disputes
  • Create customer satisfaction and trust
  • Management will be easier and more scientific
  • Connect with customers.

These are the benefits that coworking space management software brings. Using this software will help improve the quality of management. Therefore, managing coworking space by software is a trend. However, it is necessary to choose good software to achieve high efficiency.

Enouvo Space and coworking space management software
Enouvo Space is one of the pioneer in apply Smartos to manage coworking operation

Criterias to evaluate coworking space management software

Easy-to-use design interface

This is an extremely important factor determining the quality of the software. A good software is software that cares about the user. Simple interface makes it easy for new users to operate.
Not all administrators are tech-savvy. Therefore, the interface must be simple and user-friendly.

Software suitable for many models and sizes

Rental space management software must be suitable for many different models and sizes. Ensure the management of both small, medium and large scale. At the same time, management fits many different models. This helps meet your business expansion needs in the future without the hassle of software changes or upgrades.

Software with high security

As a place to store all important information of your business: customer information, invoices, contracts, income and expense reports… the security of the management software is a top priority.

Good software will have quality certificates, product copyright certificates. These software will be effective when used because they have been tested for quality.

Good software must be certified for safety and security. Verify the effectiveness of use. Therefore, when choosing coworking management software, you must pay attention to this criterion.

Reasonable price

Currently on the market there are many space operation management software provided by many domestic and foreign companies. And the price of these software products is also very different. If foreign-made space management software has a relatively high cost, then software produced by domestic companies is more affordable to the business environment in Vietnam.

In the current difficult economic situation, investing in a technology platform that is highly effective but affordable for your business is a good factor worth considering.

Software with full features

This is a very important factor. It directly affects the efficiency in the management process. If using a poor-quality software will not create high efficiency.

Poor quality software is sometimes just a transformation from an excel sheet. Deception of the user’s feelings. In fact, it does not support the management process at all.

Rental apartment management software must be fully featured. These features will support easy management, saving time. Some basic features like:

  • Customer Information Management.
  • Manage room availability, check-in and checkout of guests.
  • Revenue and expenditure management.
  • Store invoices, contracts, reports, etc.

Above, are the criteria for evaluating the quality of rental management software. A good software must meet all these criteria. Many people will wonder where to go to find a software that has all the above factors. If you are wondering where to start? Please refer to this blog Find your best space management software in 5 steps

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