Virtual Office – What You Need to Know Before Investing In

Virtual Office – What You Need to Know Before Investing In

“Virtual office” – is still a strange name at Vietnamese market but why in just a few years, the business owner, investors, community from suspicion, curiosity turned into trust, favored this special type? So, what is a virtual office and are there any advices for investers to not lost opportunities when doing this business? SMARTOS will find the answers with you through the article below.

What is a virtual office?

What is a virtual office? Virtual office is a type of office which has existed for a long time in the world but is still quite new in Vietnam. With the demand to expand business and communicate with customers, companies will often open offices in big cities and in buildings in the center. Business signs, company logos and office equipment are available. When renting this type of office, the business will automatically have the appearance of a traditional office with full facilities:

  • Receptionist, mail, fax… After receiving customer’s phone, information will be transferred directly to the business. Receptionists are usually provided by the rental space provider, so businesses do not have to spend additional staffing costs
  • Business information such as address, phone number, fax number, etc. are all legal
  • Comfortable office space: meeting room, waiting room, photocopier, fax machine, whiteboard… are available.

Who are the customers of the virtual office model?

  • Individuals who start a business but do not want to put their home address and personal mobile number in the media
  • Small and medium enterprises or start-ups
  • Businesses who want to own an office near the city center to facilitate transactions for customers
  • Groups of consultants
  • Companies that want to set up a representative office in another city or country
  • Foreign companies conduct market survey
  • Anyone who wants to build a professional business image without spending too much

Advantages that virtual offices bring to users

Virtual office rental service is considered as a pioneering step in the future business trend. Businesses only need to focus all their energy and energy on core business activities, other utilities are fully supported by the space provider:

  • Business and transaction registration addresses are located in the central areas of major cities. According to research, customers often appreciate businesses with offices located in prime locations
  • The hotline and chat are open 24/7 to serve customers well
  • The office leasing business itself inherits many utilities of a modern space and full facilities such as: air conditioners, photocopiers, scanners…
  • Elegant and spacious reception area. Instead of having to rent a separate office with expensive expenses. Businesses can receive guests and transact right in a modern and luxurious office space
  • Easily reach customers in other cities to match your business strategy.

A virtual office space

What Enterprises need to prepare when doing virtual office business?

Appropriate capital

  • Capital is always the most important factor before you want to carry out any project. Virtual office business is a rather specific field. This business model not only requires a large amount of capital, but also requires a high level of management.
  • It is difficult to determine how much you need to prepare when you want to invest in this business model. Because each place will have different costs. For example, in the provinces, the cost of renting a house for business will be cheaper. But the cost of hiring staff and other services will be more expensive. Meanwhile, in the center of Ho Chi Minh City, the cost of renting a house will be very expensive. Other costs are cheaper due to competition among suppliers. In general, to be able to choose a virtual office business model, the minimum capital needed to prepare is from a few hundred to several billion. In addition, you can also choose a shared office as a cost-effective solution for you


  • Facilities are always the most labor-intensive and time-consuming items for any project. In the virtual office rental business, this factor is even more important. Whether the space meets the needs of tenants or not, largely depends on the facilities. The virtual office business model needs to prepare essential equipment for the office such as: copier, air conditioning system, lighting, stable wifi system…
  • Besides, other important equipment such as fire prevention and fighting, water source also need to have enough. The common living and reception space of the office needs to have tables and chairs, water bottles, decorations. These items will cost quite a lot of a practical expense. Therefore, businesses need to budget to get the full picture.

Leadership level of management team

  • People think that just having capital is enough to start a virtual office rental business. In fact, no matter how abundant your capital is, if the administrator does not have management skills, it will be difficult to succeed.
  • To manage this office rental business model, administrators need to do a lot of things: manage office operations, manage revenue, manage arising problems, balance renewable capital investment and profits.
  • There are two ways you can improve your management skills. The first way is self-study and self-experience. The second way is to hire someone with managerial competence to learn from them. There are many people who think that just having money can do business. This is a very erroneous way of thinking. If there is no management level, it will be difficult for the administrator to take his business to the top.

Smart technology system to support management and operation

  • Besides the above factors, when running a virtual office business, investors also need to pay more attention to tools to help manage the space professionally and scientifically and thereby build a good brand reputation to attract more customers. guest.
  • A smart and appropriate space operations management software can bring huge benefits to your business:
  • Support managers to evaluate the performance of each employee to have a clear KPI strategy, minimizing human costs and time on information processing tasks through papers, Excel …Through visual reports from the software, administrators can predict future business opportunities, as well as promptly identify potential difficulties or risks to promptly provide solutions. fit
  • Set up, manage and closely monitor customer-related information to come up with the most reasonable Sales & Marketing strategies. In addition, space management software also provides many other important features that administrators can rely on to capture the entire business situation wherever they are.
  • Among the software available on the market, Smartos space management software offers the most comprehensive and optimal solution, ensuring the efficient operation of the virtual office model. Smartos space management software application helps you easily manage office buildings, facilities status, number of rooms, seats, customer information….

Smartos space management software helps to digitize information, documents and data related to customers. From there, managers can easily capture the entire business situation with just one Dashboard screen, optimize operating processes and bring the best experience to customers.

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