About us

Smartos was created by a Space Provider for other providers.

We’ve run a small co-working space since 2017 and couldn’t find any management tool at that time so had to manually manage it by Excel. The operation team faced difficulties when the team grew. With the location expansion and the customers’ growth, we ran into several issues and the operational cost increased significantly.

Also, as an owner and manager, I found struggles to see operations’ productivity and financial information in a timely manner.

Fortunately, we have another business providing IT solutions for clients around the world. With the problem-solving & product mindset, we wanted to solve our space’s problem. And the efforts paid off.

We know there are other leasing spaces that share the same problems as us a few years back. Time, resources, cost, customer satisfaction are the issues that cause us headaches. That’s the reason we bring Smartos to world.

After few years of learning and developing, we’re now ready to share our solutions with other Space Providers and help you to connect with Space Finders around the world. Let’s explore Smartos’ solutions!

Trang Hanh Tran

Founder of Smartos & Enouvo Space

Smartos & space management software idea
The CRM space management platform

An unique solution for Space Providers
and Space Finders

Smartos is an integrated platform specially developed to support from raising customer awareness to nurturing customer loyalty for leasing spaces.

Directly operating and managing several branches of co-working space with different services, we clearly understand the challenges and issues of both sides – space providers and space finders – in managing and engaging with each other.

That’s why Smartos developed an integrated solution to support both sides of the market: The Smartos Booking App – A two-sided marketplace, Smartos Operational CRM – An automatic operation and management system, Whitelabel app – A branded mobile app.


An all-in-one solution for users’ life cycle.

We provide a platform to support space providers from the customer acquisition stage to the retention stage. Using our Booking app to attract and promote your space to millions of users around the world.

After becoming your customers, Smartos Operational CRM system will enhance customer experiences by automating and optimizing the operational and management process so that you can spend more time focusing on customer services and business expansion. With our Whitelabel app solution, you can get a branding solution to nurture customer loyalty and help them connect to your multi-branches in one app.

The way to manage your space - CRM system
Smartos -  space management tools

To become a worthiness solution
you can trust

We delivery Digital Transformation solution in management and customer service for leasing spaces.

We aim to become the top-of-mind marketplace for leasing space providers and space finders.

We are committed to delivering innovative and affordable solutions that provide a fantastic customer experience for finders while making the management in spaces much easier so they will have more time to improve service quality and develop business.

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