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Find your best space management software in 5 steps

Finding a software to manage your workspace is not an easy task. In fact, there is no one software solution that fits all workspaces. And the best management software for your space depends on your business, processes, and goals. But with the right approach, you should be able to determine...

attract freelancers to your space

How to attract freelancers to your space?

The workspace model is increasingly popular in the world. In particular, the effects of the...

CRM manage space effectively

How can CRM manage the workspace effectively?

Using CRM to manage the workspace now can be an easy task. The workplace is...

Why your space needs a meeting room booking system?

Why Your Space Needs a Meeting Room Booking System?

For co-working space businesses, the meeting room booking system will help customers and staff make...

Traditional office vs Coworking space

The better office for startups: Coworking or Traditional office?

Making decisions about the better office for startups is not an easy task. There are...

Why you should use Smartos white label app for your space?

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In addition to the CRM web-app for space management and the mobile app for co-workers,...

Why the Customers Prefer the Online Workspace Booking System?

Why Customers Prefer the Online Workspace Booking System?

The online workplace booking system is a powerful tool. It does not just only help...