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Providing an integrated digital transformation solution to manage & operate leasing space effectively, helping space providers focus on developing business efficiency.


Suited for all rental spaces

Our solutions match all types of rental spaces including accommodation, coworking, office, event organization, coliving.


Time & Cost saving

Free install & update. Automate operation and management processes with Smartos’s solutions.


Dedicated support

Advised with practical experience. Our 1-1 customer service breaks barriers in digital transformation.


Simple & easy-to-use

Smartos’s system has a friendly user-interface, quick setup and easy to get used to the system right after logging in.


Integrated solution – Thorough support

Smartos PMSWhite LabelSmartos Marketplace

A Smart Property Management System

Smartos PMS is for real estate rental services, assisting investors to REDUCE COSTS BY 72% & INCREASE MANAGEMENT PERFORMANCE BY 85%.


Smart platform

Streamline processes of management & operation.


Cost saving

Minimize manual tasks & unnecessary documents.


Easy to use

Get all works done in a single screen.

White Label Web/App Solutions

Along with Smartos CRM, White Label solutions will help space providers in managing & communicating with their customers.



Save 2/3 time of developing a separate application.


Brand enhancement

Build with your own brand’s identities.


Cost saving

Save 70% costs. One-time payment – Lifetime usage.

Marketplace Solution – Smartos Booking App

Join Smartos Booking network to expand your market and reach more potential customers.


Market expansion

Free to expand business market & reach out to customers.


Communication channel

Easy to connect with potential customers.


Operation optimization

Along with Smartos CRM, simply manage all bookings.

about smartos

A specialized digital ecosystem

With all-in-one solutions, Smartos comprehensively provides integrated solutions for space owners in the customer’s journey from awareness (with Smartos Marketplace) to experience (with Smartos PMS) and loyalty building (with White Label Solution).


What our clients say

Our success lies in the development of our client’s business. See how
we help them to optimize their working process.

Nguyen Ngoc Duc

Business analysis expert at TPBank

"When TP Bank decided to implement the Coworking Space model, our R&D team instantly looked for partners with sufficient capabilities and effective tools to design a solution that met actual needs. Besides, we hope it will be completed as soon as feasible. Following testing solutions, we choose SMARTOS for the below reasons: Beautiful User Interface, simple to use and administration. Furthermore, SMARTOS has a management system appropriate for the coworking office model. SMARTOS is currently exceeding our expectations. In particular, their team of consultants and technicians work very professionally, always supporting and providing us with reasonable.
Hien Thuong

Founder Of Van Minh Boarding House

"When using a manual operation procedure in Excel, the work at my boarding house system meets many challenges; I have looked and contacted numerous SaaS firms to find a solution. However, SMARTOS is the only unit willing to accept and agree to fulfill all demands for customizing specific features for our boarding house system. I am entirely delighted with the contributions SMARTOS is building to my brand. Besides, I am particularly impressed with the SMARTOS team's technical consulting abilities and speedy product deployment capabilities. Our online reservation system was implemented and working smoothly in less than a month."
The little Thảo Điền
Anh Vy

Building operation staff The Little Thao Dien

In earlier times, The Little Thao Dien's operations and management processes were all manual, haphazard, and unsystematic. This led to we face in several errors and damage to property. After consulting, SMARTOS is the product that best fits the needs of our space. Their product development and customer service teams are highly professional and always listen to our requirements.
Phuc Nguyen


It's such a big difference when it comes to Smartos as I used a lot of tools for daily work before such as Excel for service management, Slack for the community, Zalo for guest communication, Email for notifications. Smartos has helped us optimize our time and effort to get the tasks done quickly, conveniently and efficiently.
Tu Cao

Operation Lead

Since we used Smartos, the work became significantly easier. Due to applying a brand new technological system, we save more time than managing tasks by Excel files. Thanks to Smartos, our business goes smoother and more efficiently. Now we have more time to focus on customer care.
Phuong Nguyen

Customer Services

As a Space officer working with a large number of customers, Smartos has helped me & my team a lot in managing and upgrading the process to work more efficiently and professionally. Thanks to the various yet useful features of Smartos, our workflow has been smoother and easier, so that we can improve our customer service better.
To Nguyen


I feel since using Smartos the work has become a lot easier. Our team can save more time and the software is easier to manipulate compared to Excel sheets we used to use. Thanks to Smartos, we can use our time effectively and focus on better customer care.
Trang Nguyen

Finance Manager

Since using Smartos, I find the work organized more efficiently, I can go directly to the Admin Dashboard to view the status of customers easily and no need to wait for my employees to report

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