Development Journey: Looking Back and Conquering Goals Together

Development Journey: Looking Back and Conquering Goals Together

SMARTOS has undergone improvements and  workflow changes after more than 3 years working together. Our team has a retrospective session to look back at the milestones we have accomplished and difficulties we have been through.

This is a moment for us to maintain the spirit of “walking together”, to understand each other better, to empathize and to enjoy the SMARTOS journey together.

At first, the management team came together to discuss the “keywords” that refer to necessary elements for the success of SMARTOS.

Selected Smartos Team Opinions
Selected Smartos Team Opinions

This is the consensus towards the common goal of the whole SMARTOS team, all of which will create a great motivation for us to “set sail” and reach out further in the future.


Next, we listened to everyone’s opinions about the strengths/weaknesses of a product development team. This is a valuable time to review together what SMARTOS has been achieving, thereby pushing forward to the product improvement.

Once again, the SMARTOS team together affirms that focusing on building strong, quality solutions and meeting the needs of customers will always be the guideline in our journey.

Looking back to past challenges, this retro session is also an opportunity for us to be proud of our achievements and the solid progress of SMARTOS. The solidarity and teamwork spirit that help us overcome all difficulties and deliver best solutions for our customers.

SWAT Team's retro evening
SWAT Team’s retro evening

We understand that the best solutions and customers’ success stories are made of the team’s solidarity with great efforts. These are the key to future journeys.

Let’s conquer the upcoming milestones together!

The Smartos team would like to give appreciation to Ms. Hien Thuong – Founder of Nha Tro Van Minh in Da Nang – a long-term customer of Smartos for sponsoring this trip.

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